A Y M Natural Gas Ball Valves - 860 Series

A Y McDonald Natural Gas Ball Valves – 860 Series

Precision machined and offers bubble tight leak protection both open and closed. Ball Valves offer the added feature of lower and more
closely controlled operating torques for the life of the valve. The brass ball rides between two PTFE port seals that require no lubrication. The stem has a double o-ring seal and cannot be removed from the valve. The body and endpiece threads are pinned to prevent disassembly without damaging the valve. No field adjustment or maintenance of this valve is needed. These valves are designed for use with natural, manufactured and L.P. gas only.

– A.Y. McDonald’s Iron Body, Brass Ball Valve is designed and tested to comply with ANSI/ASME B16.33 American National
Standard for “Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for use in Gas Piping Systems up to 175 PSIG.”
– Soft seat design does not rely on grease to prevent leakage to the atmosphere or through the valve seats. Sealing capability is
maintained even after many cycles.
– Tamper-resistant (Tamperproof) design makes the A.Y. McDonald Ball Valve virtually impossible to disassemble without
making the valve unusable, i.e. pinned end piece requires excessive force to remove and valve cannot be reassembled if
forcefully disassembled. The valve utilizes an internally loaded operating stem. The external cap is secured with a tamperresistant
stainless steel screw.
– Breaking torques are closely controlled in excess of what can be turned “by hand” and yet low enough to ensure easy turning
with a small wrench. Easy turning remains for normal life of valve.
– A 90º rotation provides complete shut-off from the open position. Valve can be rotated full 360º.
– Pressure may be applied in either direction as A.Y. McDonald’s Ball Valve is a non-directional valve.
– Traditional lockwing design easily accommodates standard Barrel-Locks or padlocks.
– Full Port openings accommodate the best known stop changers and yet provide less flow restriction than non-circular
openings or valves with reduced ports.
– Ball valve design isolates operating cap/stem seals and main shell from internal line pressure when the valve is in the normal
used, full open position. Sealing against external leakage during this normal service is thereby doubly-provided and the stem
seals do provide the necessary external leak protection during cycling.
– In the normal open position, the sealing surface of A.Y. McDonald’s Brass Ball is isolated from the probable contaminants by
the port seals. This results in a more reliable shut off over the life of the valve.
– In addition to an o-ring, metal-to-metal positive seating of the end piece limits the squeeze on port seals, and serves
as back-up seal if necessary.
– No field adjustment or maintenance required.
– Each valve is pressure tested in both directions electronically.
– Temperature Range: –20º to +150ºF.
– Available in FNPT x FNPT (860) or FNPT x Insulated union (8276).
Note: These valves are intended for use with natural, manufactured and L.P. gas only.
860B Black Iron
860G Zinc Coated w/Clear Chromate Finish Iron
860PNT Paint Coated
860N Zinc & Painted
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