A Y M Natural Gas Plug Valves - 560 Series

A Y McDonald Natural Gas Plug Valves – 560 Series


These valves are designed for use with natural, manufactured and L.P. gas only. All A.Y. McDonald 175 PSIG Gas Valves may be re-lubricated in the full open or the full closed position when the valve is pressurized or un-pressurized. Do Not Tamper with Bottom Nut

Iron Body Gas Plug Valves Features:

– A.Y. McDonald’s Iron Body, Brass Plug Valve is designed and tested to comply with ANSI/ASME B16.33 American
National Standard for “Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for use in Gas Piping Systems up to 175 PSIG.”
– Pressure ratings are or 175 PSIG.
– Each valve is factory lubricated and suitable for use with natural, manufactured and LP gases.
– 175 PSIG valves can be relubricated while in service and under pressure. This renews the grease seal to a like new
condition adding to the life of the valve.
– Valves plugs are equipped with top and bottom o-rings for added security against external leakage.
– Tamper-resistant (tamperproof) design prevents disassembly with normal household tools.
– The on/off turning torques are controlled at assembly by using torque machines to set the bottom nut which is also
staked in place to maintain this torque.
– Pressure may be applied in either direction as A.Y. McDonald’s Plug Valve is a non-directional valve.
– The 90º rotation provides complete shut-off from open position. Valve can be rotated full 360º.
– Available with or without lockwing. Both models fit industry-standard, separately-supplied locking devices such as the
casket, barrel lock or padlock.
– Port openings sized to accommodate the best known stop changers.
– Temperature Range: –20º to +150ºF.
– Available in FNPT x FNPT (560) or FNPT x Insulated union (6276).
– Each valve is pressure tested in both directions electronically or with air under water.
Note: These valves are intended for use with natural, manufactured and L.P. gas only.
560B Black Iron
560G Zinc Coated w/Clear Chromate Finish Iron
560PNT Paint Coated
560N Zinc & Painted
560BC Black Iron w/ 1/8” Test Plug
560BD Black Iron w/ 1/8” Test Plug
Taps available on all the above product options.
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