A Y M Meter Set Assembly

A Y McDonald Meter Set Assembly

Demand in the Market
The natural gas distribution market has seen an increase in demand for meter set assemblies due to utilities looking to have consistency in assembly. Meter set assemblies not only provide time savings but also cost savings in labor for utilities. In addition, there’s an added safety factor to meter set assemblies since they are tested prior to being installed. It’s worth pointing out that A.Y. McDonald’s meter set
assemblies in particular are tested by an electronic machine, not water tested, thus eliminating human error in the process.
Customer Focused
– Consistent lead times
– Quality meter set assemblies
– Pressure testing for safety and quality
– Top notch customer service
– All parts under one roof – except regulator
– Traceability
Pressure Testing
A.Y. McDonald meter set assemblies are tested electronically, eliminating the chance of water getting into the regulator or water initiating rust prior to painting. Each meter set assembly goes through four tests, which include the following:
1) The regulator is tested to assure it is the correct regulator and is set properly.
2) The inlet of the meter set assembly is pressurized at the maximum rated pressure for the regulator
so leaks can be detected.
3) Joints after the regulator are tested by vacuum pressure significantly above the regulated pressure
to ensure all joints seal well.
4) The outlet side of the meter set assembly is tested with the outlet valve at about 70 PSI.
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