A Y M Meter Outlet/Bypass Ball Valves - 837 Series

A Y McDonald Meter Outlet/Bypass Ball Valves – 837 Series


A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Gas Meter Bars can be ordered to fit your requirements. Select the features you need from list below and build
your own ordering number. Please note the difference in numbers between regular valves, and valves with built in swivels. Meter valves
with swivels have two extra blocks before the size to select the size and type of swivels.

– Soft seat design does not rely on grease to prevent leakage to the atmosphere or through the valve seats. Sealing capability is
maintained even after many cycles.
– Tamper-resistant (Tamperproof) design makes the A.Y. McDonald Ball Valve virtually impossible to disassemble without making the
valve unusable, i.e. pinned end piece requires excessive force to remove and valve cannot be reassembled if forcefully disassembled.
The valve utilitizes an internally loaded operating stem. The external cap is secured with a tamper-resistant stainless steel screw.
– Breaking torques are closely controlled in excess of what can be turned “by hand” and yet low enough to ensure easy turning with a
small wrench. Easy turning remains for normal life of valve.
– A 90º rotation provides complete shut-off from the open position. Valve can be rotated full 360º.
– In addition to an o-ring, metal-to-metal positive seating of the end piece limits the squeeze on port seals, and serves
as back-up seal if necessary.
– Traditional lockwing design easily accommodates standard Barrel-Locks or padlocks.
– 1” is reducing port.
– No field adjustment or maintenance required.
– Each valve is pressure tested in both directions electronically or with air under water.
– Temperature Range: –20º to +150ºF.
– No field adjustment or maintenance required.
– Each valve is pressure tested in both directions electronically.
– Temperature Range: –20oº to +150ºF.
Note: These valves are intended for use with natural, manufactured and L.P. gas only.
837B Black Iron
837G Zinc Coated w/Clear Sealant Finish Iron
837N Zinc Plated Clear Sealant /Painted Finish
837P Painted Finish
Taps available on all the above product options.
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