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Pietro Fiorentini’s Reflux 819S is Designed Specifically for High Sulfur Applications

By Jim Micklos:

High Sulfur (H2S) in a natural gas pipeline leads to many issues. In addition to being a poisonous gas, (lethal above 100 ppm), when it is mixed with water, H2S can accelerate pipeline corrosion. For gas pressure regulators, sulfur deposits can prevent the regulator from locking up tightly. Sulfur in the regulator pilot can prevent proper pressure control. The Pietro Fiorentini (PF)’s Reflux 819S is a proven solution for these applications. A long-term study was conducted at a large west coast utility. Finding that over the course of a calendar year, they were forced to perform maintenance on a popular boot style regulator multiple times due to lock-up issues.

Results after the PF Reflux 819S: The customer saw positive lock-up at their bi-annual inspections, spent zero dollars on maintenance cost and spare parts, and had perfect pressure controls which continued for next 5 YEARS. Industry research studies have concluded that the PF Reflux 819S main regulator provides superior performance with respect to contamination deposition, in comparison to the observed results for all other manufacturers.

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