Equipment Controls Company to Attend SGA

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Equipment Controls will be attending SGA’s Operating Conference in Houston, Texas July 25-27.  We are also the Lunch Sponsor for Tuesday.  We will be feauring the top products for the natural gas industry in 4 booths.

Booth 501 will be displaying the all new Romet Limited J Tube conversion kit.  This allows for an easy transition from a diaphragm meter to a Romet rotary meter without having to re-pipe the meter set.  The Universal Design works in a Top Down or Bottom Up configuration.

Booth 505 Plexor will give a first hand look at the Plexor inspection system in action.  With PLEXOR® the main components of a gas pressure regulator station can be tested separately, like the inlet valve, the safety shut-off device (min. and max.), the gas pressure regulator, the regulator pilot, the safety relief valve, and the outlet valve.

Sensus Booth 503 and Pietro Fiorentini 507 will also be present and featuring meters and regulators for all of your natural gas needs.  The FE regulator has many option kits to best fit your installation requirements.

There is still time to register for the Operating Conference.  Be sure to act fast because you won’t want to miss these products.  We know you will be inspired by them!

SGA Operating Conference